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1:1 online training and macros

Custom gym based training plans

Online Coaching

1:1 PERSONAL training and macros

what's included?


  • App access for your customised macros & training programs

  • Private FaceBook group with weekly tips and live content

  • Demo videos with explanations for all exercises,

  • Video analysis and feedback on your own technique 

  • App allows you to track weights each session to ensure progression

  • App tracks your stats e.g weight, measurements and add progress pics


  • Customised calories and macro targets based on your goals (proteins, fats and carbs daily intake) 

  • Macro adjustments based on progress

  • Detailed Macro Tracking Ebook 


  • Through the app I can monitor all your training and assess progression.

  • Exercise analysis is done over video so that I can correct your form and technique.

  • I am notified of your weight selections and PBs!

  • Workouts are scheduled in your calendar in the app


  • Check ins are done Fortnightly. You will have access to chat to me throughout the week via message with any questions, updates and achievements.


  • Program will be updated every 4-6 weeks

  • Fortnightly macro adjustments based on progress

  • Fortnightly check-ins ​​

*Limited Spaces

*Minimum 12 week commitment, after that your plan will roll over (you can cancel at anytime after week 10, with 1 weeks notice of cancellation)

Please note:
You must have an understanding of and experience in tracking macros to begin 1-1 coaching  - if not, please start with my macro coaching program.

"I've been training with Aoife since January and I am loving the training program that Aoife has written for me. I have to say nobody has ever explained things to me at a gym like she has, and I actually understand so I really appreciate everything she has done for me. She gives the best advice and sends me videos of the exercises I need to work on. So even though she is at the other side of the world, I feel like she is at the gym with me!

Siobhan Devane 


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