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Canberra, AUS


"Aoife has been an incredible addition to my life! I followed her for a while on Instagram and really liked her approach to food and training, plus she just seemed nice! After reaching out to her a few months ago, my life has been completely transformed, from my knowledge and choices about food, to my training. I’ve lost weight, toned up, all while eating lots of yummy food and enjoying my workouts! I could not recommend Aoife more. She’s worth every penny! X"


Kerry, Ireland


"I've been training with Aoife since January and I am loving the training program that Aoife has written for me. I have to say nobody has ever explained things to me at a gym like she has, and I actually understand the exercises and lifts so I really appreciate everything she has done for me. she gives the best advice and sends me videos of the exercises I need to work on. so even though she is at the other side of the world, I feel like she is at the gym with me."


Surrey, UK


"I started working with Aoife about 5 weeks ago. In that time, I've lost 2 kilos and 7 cms off my waist!! More importantly than that, I feel so much better, my fitness and strength has increased and I have learned so much about flexible eating. Aoife has educated me that a diet doesn't have to be a struggle and that I can even have a treat without getting totally off track. She made the plan personal to me and didn't restrict any food groups. With other trainers/coaches/diet plans. I've felt it was a one size fits all, but Aoife's tailored approach is totally different. I've loved my weekly check-ins and I've been able to text or email Aoife with any questions. She always comes back in a timely manner and gives me tonnes of motivation. To me this is not a diet, its a nutrition plan that I can work for the long term, not a flash in the pan quick fix, its a lifestyle choice but an easy one to choose!! I can't wait for the next stage of my plan!!"


Kerry, Ireland


"I decided to reach out to Aoife as I could see the results in one of her clients, and I was impressed by the changes and intrigued of how that girl always seemed to know exactly what she's doing. I am so happy to have found Aoife, she's so lovely to deal with and her advice is so so helpful. Having her support and having her checking on me every day keeps me focused and motivated. I honestly couldn't be happier. Having a tailor made program makes all the difference."


Brisbane, AUS


"I've been training with Eva for 5 months and haven't looked back. I get a new program every four weeks which keeps my workouts exciting. I train with her one on one each week and it's my favourite day of the week. She is so supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging and funny. She pushes me but also knows my limits. I'm stoked with the progress I've made so far and look forward to seeing what I can achieve in 2020."


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