Macro Friendly High Protein Meal Prep Guide | activelyaoife

Struggling to hit your protein from whole food sources?


Sick of eating the same meals day in day out?


Finding entering recipes and foods on My Fitness Pal takes too much time?


I've got the solution for you!


  • High Protein Recipe Pack with 52 delicious and healthy recipes.
  • All recipes include full macro breakdown pre-entered in MFP 
  • Barcodes to easily scan and enter on My Fitness Pal
  • Vegetarian alternatives
  • Gluten free recipes 
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and treats


What my clients are saying about it:


"It's absolutely amazing. So comprehensive and so many ideas. Thank you!"


"Thank you!!! Building next weeks menu from this and nothing else." 


"I LOVE all the recipes and the fact that I can simply scan it into MyFitnessPal! Meal prep is going to be a dream from now on! Thank YOU!"

Macro Friendly High Protein Meal Prep Guide

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