What to do when you go off plan

What to do when you go off plan

Nobody is perfect, we all have days when we slip up. You eat well for several days or even weeks and then have a blow out. Now what do you do?

Here are some steps I recommend which may help you if this happens:

1. Don't feel guilty. This is an important one. You overate for a reason, and feeling bad about it won't help anything. Also one slip up doesn't ruin your progress, so please don't think like that.

2. Reflect on what happened and why. When there are slip ups, there will be growth if you are willing to observe, analyse and take action.

3. Identify triggers. Were you being too restrictive with your diet? Were you eating out of boredom? Were you stressed or anxious? Were you comfort eating? Was it your time of month? Is there a habit such as late night snacking that was a trigger?

4. Devise a plan to create a new habit in place of this trigger. For example, if I overeat its normally at night because I have a habit of wanting to eat something sweet after dinner. So I created a new habit which is making one of my favourite teas after dinner instead (Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings - this tea is seriously so good that one of my friends got hooked on it when backpacking and even drank it while her friends drank Goon at their hostels!)

5. Lastly, keep this in mind when you are on the verge of overeating - The food isn't going anywhere and it will be there to have tomorrow too. This helps hugely with switching your mindset to one of moderation rather than seeing things in an all or nothing approach.


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