Updated: Apr 1, 2019

I’m all about staying lean while eating AS MUCH FOOD as possible. Your maintenance calories (the calories you are on to maintain not lose or gain weight) should ideally be as high as possible before starting a diet. Why? 🤔

🍩 NUTRITIONAL FLEXIBILITY- Higher baseline calories gives you greater freedom to eat more fun food 🍩🍫 on a daily basis AND when you decide to diet you can do it on higher calories which makes progress easier.

🍩 PSYCHOLOGICAL - higher maintenance calories mean you can be less restrictive when you diet. Ultimately you want to continue to have a positive relationship with food and view food as fuel. Restriction and deprivation can lead to binge eating and yo yo dieting.

🍩 PERFORMANCE - more fuel allows you to go harder in the gym, leading to better strength progression and helping build lean muscle. To get stronger and grow; you need to eat more.

Now for the HOW? How can you increase your maintenance calories?

🍩 This is best done by gradually increasing your calories each week, testing and assessing what you can handle.

🍩 If you’re unsure, then get a coach who knows what they’re doing 🙋🏻‍♀️

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