How to use lifting straps

How to use lifting straps

Updated: Feb 14

As you start to lift heavier in the gym, lifting straps will be a worthwhile investment. Gone are the days of the weights slipping out of your hands and grip strength giving out before your actual strength does. But how to even use these things? There is a trick to wrapping them - you need to get the first wrap as tight as possible, then the straps will feel really secure and you'll wonder how you ever lifted without them!

I've put together a video on it here:

The next question you might have is WHEN to use weightlifting straps?

My straps are Harbinger padded lifting straps and I absolutely LOVE them. In fact one day I thought I had left them behind at the gym, and my heart literally dropped...sad I know!

Harbinger lifting straps are one of the most popular and widely used options for lifters. If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable and low cost option, then these bad boys are for you! The foam that runs across the hand is quite thick, which feels soft and will protect your hands from callouses during heavy weight or high rep training. They are also slightly longer than traditional lifting straps so feel more secure wrapped around the bar.


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