How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Trying to figure out how to meal prep like a pro? Start with these simple do's and don't's to avoid becoming a hot mess in the kitchen!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

❌Don't try to prep 7 days worth of food in one go. Firstly, it’s not food safe and you’ll throw half of it out. Believe me I've been there. And secondly, who has enough fridge space for 7 days worth of food?! ✅Start by batch cooking 1 or 2 meals for three or four days. Or just make an effort to prep healthy snacks! Here's what I do - prep 3 lunches on a Sunday along with my work snacks, then I make a big dinner on Wednesday night so that covers Thurs and Fri lunches too.

❌Don’t try all new recipes when you prep, you’ll spend all day in the kitchen and probably spend a fortune on ingredients that you'll only use once (kaffir lime leaves for example - who needs an entire box of those?!) ✅Use recipes you’re familiar with to minimise frustration, time and make your life easier. If your mornings are rushed prep overnight oats. If dinner is hectic prep roasted veggies or BBQ your chicken breasts in advance.

❌Don’t start without a plan. Prepping several different meals and snacks can be just as challenging as it sounds so make a list. Decide what your cooking, make a list of the ingredients and go! ✅Think "what would I benefit from having done in advance and what can I afford to do daily?" What works for me is to make brekkie at home - I make omelettes daily by waking up 10 minutes earlier and I also make dinners daily by having meat marinade and veggies roasted or chopped and ready to cook.

❌Don’t waste your time prepping food you aren’t excited about. If you aren’t keen on it while you’re cooking you’ll be even less excited about it in 3 days! ✅Spend time looking for healthier versions of your favourite dishes! (Or keep an eye out for my macro friendly recipe ebook that I'm working on for you all at the moment!)

❌ Don’t expect to calculate your macros/calories and prep everything perfectly the first time. ✅Have a notebook and pen handy or a mini whiteboard, write down everything you weigh and enter the recipe in My Fitness Pal after when you know how many serves it makes. Oh and label your Tupperware! I've often made that mistake and then I pick something from the freezer and I have no idea what meal it is!


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