How to enjoy eating out while staying on track

How to enjoy eating out while staying on track

Let's face it, we all want to enjoy the occasional meal out and not feel like it is ruining our efforts with healthy eating. But it is a situation that many people allow to derail them or freak out about.


GUESS WHAT! You don’t need to stress! You can still eat out and enjoy the occasional meal at your favourite restaurant while staying on track. You just need to be SMART about it!


Here are a few of my tips for making smarter choices when eating out:

✅ Save an allowance of extra calories for your dine out meal - this can be done by eating lower calories meals throughout the day.

✅ Make these meals high in protein and plant based fibre.


✅ Plan ahead and look at the menu beforehand. I always do this! You can take your time to choose the best option for you and it takes away the stress of deciding on the spot!

✅ Have a snack beforehand so that you're not ravenous with hunger when you get there.

✅ Make sure you are hydrated so that you don't confuse thirst for hunger.

✅ Stay accountable and track it. I recommend pre logging it so that you can plan your day around it. Allow a wide margin of error by tracking generous portion sizes and account for extra oil used in cooking and frying.


✅ Don't be afraid to ask to alter menu items to make them healthier! Ask for dressing on the side, extra veggies or protein, extra salad, grilled not fried! I’m always that person and my friends know it.

✅ Say no to the free bread and chips!

✅ Choose low sugar drinks.


✅ Don’t have an all or nothing mentality! Restaurant portions are often large and you don’t have to eat it all. Be mindful when you are eating, enjoy it, savour it but don’t go overboard!

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know! I have heaps more tips on this subject and would be happy to do a part 2.


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