How to build habits around nutrition
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How to build habits around nutrition

Have you ever gotten so desperate to lose weight that you resorted to a crash diet? After you lost the weight, did you regain it all soon after?  If you're stuck in the vicious cycle of losing and gaining the same 2kg over and over, please know its not because there is something wrong with you.  You're simply looking for a solution in the wrong places. The dieting industry is a confusing place and it is designed to keep you stuck. It pushes all these quick fixes like skinny teas, juice fasts, and 21 day resets that rely on sheer willpower rather than actually TEACHING you how to form good habits and EMPOWERING YOU make better choices in the long term. Fat loss isn't about giving up what you enjoy and hibernating until you reach your goal. No, it's about creating a personalised approach to nutrition that feels effortless and that you can see yourself continuing with for years to come. One that nourishes your body with healthy whole foods, but also allows you to incorporate some of what you love (because that is food for the soul)  And that is the key to success.

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