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Macros and 

nutrition to suit your unique goals

Transform how you think about food 

1:1 macro coaching

what's included?

  • In-depth consultation (video call) with me to assess your goals and current nutrition, and make a plan towards achieving your goals.

  • Customised calorie and macros targets (proteins, fats and carbs daily intake) 

  • Weekly macros adjustments based on progress

  • 1 x sample Full Day Of Eating FDOE plan with food ideas and recipes based on your macros, and nutritional recommendations.

  • Weekly check-ins via online platform where you can track your stats e.g weight, measurements.

  • Accountability portal for you to keep track of your week. 

  • Weekly food diary feedback on your My Fitness Pal entries, and tips on how to use it effectively.

  • Constant support over WhatsApp and email with a 24 hour turnaround for any questions.

  • Detailed Macro Tracking Ebook - includes videos on how to track macros and tips for using MyFitnessPal

  • Practical food list - to help you get started with an easy to follow protein and carbs cheat sheet to help you hit your macros

  • Access to my private FaceBook group with weekly tips and live content

  • Referral to an Accredited Practising Dietitian if needed.

Please note:

As this is a personal service where I will be in direct daily contact with you, places are extremely limited. I can only reasonably work with handful of clients at any one time in order to give you the best value possible.  Successful applications will be notified by email and invited to set up a skype consultation.  

Applications are now OPEN!


How long will I need to stay on the program?

Clients should expect to spend minimum 10 weeks with my nutrition program for optimal results.  I will educate you from the onset and help you get into a great routine quickly so that you build enough confidence to continue to build upon these healthy habits. 


What can I expect from you as my Coach if I sign up?

As your coach, I will give you the knowledge to make better food choices and help you stick to a routine consistently to see results and for it to become a habit.  I will encourage and motivate you  to succeed in each day. You will be in regular contact with me throughout the week for support and questions. You will have a regular check in to assess progress. 


What kind of contact will I have with you?

If your application is successful you will be invited to set up an initial consultation over video call where we will discuss your goals. You will then be added to my online platform where you can access your weekly macros, food lists and check in form.  You will have constant access to me through text message and voice-note over Whatsapp, for any queries and accountability. Your weekly check in will be via email.


What kind of food will I be expected to eat?

There is no specific dietary requirement or food plan with my programs, however if you are following my macro program, clients will be provided weekly macro and calorie goals. One on one nutrition clients are also provided with one example Full Day of Eating based on your macros and food preferences. I don't provide meal plans nor do I believe in them - my goal is to educate you and thus give you the confidence to make your own food choices.


What type of exercise will I need to do?

I firmly believe it's not WHAT you do that matters but how often you do it.  For my nutrition clients; all I ask is that you do some kind of physical activity for at least 30 mins, 6 days a week.  Some days this could be a brisk walk, or yoga and other days this could be more intensive activity like strength training. 


1. Apply by clicking the button below.

2. Fill out the application form on the following page.

3. I'll reach out within 24 hours to book in a consultation.

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