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Lean Lifestyle Program

Want to transform your life?

I have designed the Lean Lifestyle Program to provide a step by step framework to help you get in the best shape of your life. It is a multi phased program where we make small changes each week, focusing on mastering one goal at a time.


This program came about after most of my macro coaching clients were looking for a next step after macro coaching.  This program has a macro tracking phase, a strength accumulation phase and a sustained results phase. In each phase we focus on one aspect at a time so that you will not feel overwhelmed at any point. This is the key to building sustainable habits.

Weeks 1-2 :

1-1 macro coaching 

Nutrition coaching

How to meal prep

My Fitness Pal Video Tutorials

Becoming a macro tracking pro

Weeks 3-6:

Basic Strength Training

Assessment of form on all main lifts

Establishing proper form and technique

Strength progression across main lifts

Learning lifting cues 

Weeks 7-8: 

Eating for performance and results

Working towards PBs in the gym

Mindset coaching

Weeks 9-12:

Strength Progression

Building lifelong habits

Developing and maintaining a lean physique

Online Coaching

complete transformation package

what's included?


  • App access for your customised macros & training programs

  • Private FaceBook group with weekly tips and live content

  • Demo videos with explanations for all exercises,

  • Video analysis and feedback on your own technique 

  • App allows you to track weights each session to ensure progression

  • App tracks your stats e.g weight, measurements and add progress pics


  • Customised calories and macro targets based on your goals (proteins, fats and carbs daily intake) 

  • Macro adjustments based on progress

  • Detailed Macro Tracking Ebook 

  • Video tutorials


  • Through the app I can monitor all your training and assess progression.

  • Exercise analysis is done over video so that I can correct your form and technique.

  • I am notified of your weight selections and PBs!

  • Workouts are scheduled in your calendar in the app


  • Weekly check ins over video and email.

  • You will have access to chat to me throughout the week via message with any questions, updates and achievements.


  • Program will be updated every 4-6 weeks

  • Fortnightly/weekly macro adjustments based on progress

*Limited Spaces

*Minimum 12 week commitment, after that your plan will roll over (you can cancel at anytime after week 11, with 1 weeks notice of cancellation)


How long will I need to stay on the program?

The program runs for 12 weeks but the majority of my clients stay on longer term, to continue to build upon their progress and results.  


What can I expect from you as my Coach if I sign up?

As your coach, I will give you the knowledge to make better food choices and help you stick to a routine consistently to see results and for it to become a habit.  I will encourage and motivate you  to succeed in each day. You will be in regular contact with me throughout the week for support and questions. You will have a regular check in to assess progress. 


What kind of contact will I have with you?

If your application is successful you will be invited to set up an initial consultation over video call where we will discuss your goals. You will then be added to my online platform where you can access your weekly macros, food lists and check in form.  You will have constant access to me through text message and voice-note over Whatsapp for any queries. You will receive a weekly video progress report with feedback on your check in, detailed answers to your questions and coaching cues and tips for the week ahead.


What kind of food will I be expected to eat?

There is no specific dietary requirement or food plan with my programs, however you will be provided weekly macro and calorie goals. You will also be provided with one example Full Day of Eating based on your macros and food preferences. After week one you will have the confidence to create your own meal plan which I am always happy to review and tweak if needed. My goal is to educate you and thus give you the confidence to make your own food choices.


What type of exercise will I need to do?

I firmly believe that the best results come from following a personalised structured strength training program. Your program will be gym based and require you to have some experience with lifting weights (ideally barbell and machines). The program will be based on your individual needs, how often you can exercise and the equipment that you have access to. 


1. Apply by clicking the button below.

2. Fill out the application form on the following page.

3. I'll reach out within 24 hours to book in a consultation.

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