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12 Weeks To Transform

Get Strong and Get Lean

3 x 4 week training blocks 

App access & accountability

FaceBook Support group

As an online coach, my goal is to provide an experience that is even better than working with a trainer in-person. I prefer online coaching, because it gives my clients the flexibility to complete their workouts at the best time for them (vs the time I am available). It also allows me to work with clients all around the world!

My 12WTT program offers a gym-based training program based on progressive overload; along with nutrition guidance. In this program you'll receive all the tools you need to achieve your health, fitness & body composition goals. A full training video library will be at your fingertips for demonstrations of every single exercise, plus you will also become part of my online support group for clients around the world, sharing in your journeys together from day 1!


  • 12WTT is a gym based training program designed to get you stronger and leaner in 12 weeks.

  • You will have access to your personal account on my app where your programs are delivered every 4 weeks.

  • Track weights used each session to record progress.

  • Video demos of each workout.

  • Estimate 1RMs based on weight tracked in each session.

  • Cost: $220 for 12 weeks or $19.95/week


  • Anyone wanting to get strong and get lean.

  • 12WTT is a gym based program for those familiar with weight training.

  • The program is suited to anyone looking for more guidance and progression in the gym.

  • 12WTT can also be used by beginners as demo videos are provided for each exercise.

  • There is no weekly check in so you should be self motived and able to work independently. 


  • Program is delivered via my app (Trainerize) and you will be given your own log in.

  • Upload progress pics and stats directly to the app.

  • Check ins are submitted at the end of each 4 week block. You will be sent a reminder via the app to update body stats and progress photos. 

  • Link your FitBit and MyFitnessPal for even more accountability.


  • Start any Monday, whenever you are ready!

  • Once you start the program will automatically run for 12 weeks. 


What kind of training will I be doing?

Gym based strength training. You will receive an easy to follow 12 week training guide with planned progression (when weeks 1-4 are complete your app will be updated with weeks 5-8 and so on)

What support is provided?

I have designed this program to be very independent. It is important to note that this is not a 1-1 coaching service, although it is the next best thing! The exercises and variations are all explained through demo videos in your app. I will not be checking in with you through text as I do with my 1:1 clients. However, once your updates are submitted via the app I will be going through these to check how you are going! You will need to do 3 check ins in total with this 12 week program.  You will be notified to submit a check in after each 4 week block, this is to hold you accountable and to assess progress. You will also have access to my private Facebook group for my clients around the world, sharing in your journeys together. 

Is there a nutrition component?

Not at this stage, the 12WTT is an independent training plan only. If you require macros or assistance with nutrition please apply for 1on1 coaching. 

How many days of workouts are included in the program?

There are 3 phases in this training. This is Phase 1 is a 4 week strength building programs. This first phase is simply all about building a strong foundation for the next 12 weeks. The workouts contain upper-lower supersets - you will perform two exercises back to back using different muscle groups.

You will start off doing 3 strength days per week (all full body workouts with supersets) with one day rest in between, and increase to 4 training days per week for the final 4 week block. Step targets and cardio are also set for each training block. 

Is this program customised?

No. The workout program is designed based on how I train to get lean and get strong. It is based on fat loss and building lean muscle. Your results will be largely determined by how well you adhere to your nutrition as well as completing the workouts.

What kind of exercises should I expect?

This 12-week program is resistance-based training using weights. Weights are the foundation of the plan and will allow for muscle building and muscle preservation when dieting.  My main focus is always on the bigger compound lifts eg squat, lunge, shoulder press. It is important to focus on getting stronger at these lifts rather than doing a huge variety of other movements as the compound lifts enable you to move more weight than isolation exercises and thus better progressively overload your muscles. Basically they offer more bang for your buck.

What is a superset?

A superset is when you go straight from one exercise to the next without a break and then take a rest after completing both exercises, before repeating again.

What if my gym is too busy and I can't superset the exercises?

That's ok, in that case just superset what you can and swap around some of the exercise order!

Can I still be on your waitlist for 1 on 1 coaching while I do this program?

Absolutely, and please let me know. This program is designed to get clients started sooner rather than waiting it out, and gives you a taste of my training style via the app I use for 1:1 clients.

I am a beginner to strength training, can I do this program?

Yes you sure can, there are demo videos and detailed explanations for each exercise. However, if you are a complete beginner I would suggest getting a PT for a week or two first to learn your way around the weights room and practice correct technique. 

What if I have an injury?

If you currently suffer from any injury or previously have done so, please seek clearance from your Doctor before submitting your application. You must include this with your start-up form.


What do I do after the 12 weeks?

If you enjoy this program, let me know as I am planning to compile a 12WTT level 2 which will be a progression on the training from this program. You also have to option to join the waitlist for my 1:1 coaching at any time during your program.

What if I have questions during my program?

This program is designed so you can take all the information, the app and train independently for 4 weeks at a time. However I do understand that there are questions from time to time, so you can email me at hello@activelyeva.com and I will respond within 48 hours during weekdays. 


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